the operation's objective is the creation of a fluid space that breaks the traditional scheme - the entrance + the corridor that distributes the different rooms - but at the same time is able to define, through the wings, raised areas on the platform, lowerings and functional elements, the various environments that are perceived as seperate but are part of a single bright environment. the key element of the project is the equipped central block that selects and draws the entrance, the kitchen with dining area and the pathways to the living and sleeping areas. the existing parquet has been recovered and darkened to uniform its appearance, leaving the different formats and original textures visible. the kitchen-dining area is raised compared to the rest of the apartment and the flooring, like the vertical partitions that define the central block, are finished with dove gray cement resin. total white for walls and tailor made furnishings such as the kitchen and the wall-mounted bookcase in the living room.


ph: dario tettamanzi  

private apartment | b15

< 2018