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located in an urban kiosk that has hosted a fruit and vegetable store since 1936, frueat, in the wake of the structure's original vocation, is a place that sells and administers artisan ice creams, healthy food and drinks based on natural products. in addition to the sales area, where there are about twenty seats, an ice cream production laboratory and services are located in 60 sqm.

the window on the square gives great brightness to the environment and great visibility from the outside. the flooring is in sandblasted natural wood planks and the finish of the counters is in natural cement. green is the dominant color in different shades for the structure, the walls and the ceiling as well as in the wallpaper for the back counter wall. furniture and displays are made of corten, natural iron and sandblasted oak. the lighting is made with exposed copper pipes and simple bulbs evoking the atmosphere of a greenhouse.

​ph: dario tettamanzi