private apartment | p08

< 2018

the apartment is located in a building that is part of a complex originally used as austrian army barracks in Milan (ca. 1840). transformed over the decades into a residential building, it still retains some original features such as the internal porch, large courtyards, imposing stairwells and the distribution of the different units through balconies. the intervention maintains the original layout of the apartment with the exception of the entrance area which is incorporated with the former kitchen into a single room. the focus of the house becomes this multifunctional space - entrance - bar - kitchen which also distributes the other areas.

the continuity of the spaces is given by the homogeneity of the materials, by the recovery of the original black painted wooden floors with the insertion of natural iron sheet plates at the bar - kitchen counter; to that of the internal and external windows always glazed in black; to finish all the walls with a natural sand-colored cement plaster. the essentiality of the intervention is compensated by some furnishing elements, made to design, which dialogue with the rather "hard" space through horizontal and vertical planes in steel, iron and mirror that dilate the perception and inserting wooden furnishings of italian and foreign craftsmanship, with vintage design objects, leather sofas and objects of exotic origin.

ph: denise bonenti